TurboSilence Inverter technology


Enjoy Turbo & Silence at the same time:

The new TurboSilence inverter Technology is optimized on the basis of Full-inverter Technology, the whole control system and corresponding components are upgraded, it can instantly increase heating capacity by 20%, but with silent running. The increase of 20% practically means 20% extra heat for free.

Turbosilence technology equals to super energy-saving, half running cost, and ultra-silent function. The Unique airflow technology with the patented design combined with a twin-rotary compressor minimizes vibration and leads to the most silent ventilation. Running by AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain pool temperature for whole swimming season, which means 10 times quieter swimming environment. Average COP 11.3 at 50% capacity and COP up to 16 lead to double energy saving compared with an On/Off HP.


Super Quiet operation
Free of compressor noise:


The first time in pool and HVAC industry that you can hardly hear compressor noise. Sound pressure only 47,2 dB(A) at1 m, at100% of speed



COP 7.8



Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)= higher energy savings:

COP 7,8 at Air 26℃ 100% Speed

Powerful TURBO function:


Quick heating , 4 seasons swimming fun  

3 times higher energy saving:


In the first 2~3 days, an INVERX heat pump runs at 100%~120% capacity, and heats up the pool to the set temperature.
In the following days, the INVERX runs at AVERAGE 30% capacity by AVERAGE COP 15 to maintain the desired pool temperature.
So the AVERAGE COP is 3 times of an On/Off Heater.